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 [Volunteer] Be part of Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development [AYAD]

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[Volunteer]  Be part of Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development [AYAD] Empty
PostSubject: [Volunteer] Be part of Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development [AYAD]   [Volunteer]  Be part of Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development [AYAD] EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 7:37 am

AYAD is an Australian Government, AusAID Initiative which supports skilled young Australians who wan to live, work and make a difference in the Asia Pacific region, working with local Host Organisations and Australian Partners.

About an Assignment in a Host Country
The range of AYAD jobs (or assignments as we call them) is diverse and includes everything from engineers to marketing coordinators, IT officers to mechanics.

AYAD assignments are needs based. That means that a host organisations in a partner country identifies a need within their organisation and works with us to develop an AYAD assignment. Each AYAD assignment corresponds to identified partner government and Australian Government development priorities for each country.

Application Process

Stage 1:           Applicant shortlist
Stage 2:           Referee Check
Stage 3*:         Telephone Interview*
Stage 4:           Host Organisation/Australian Partner Organisation approval
Stage 5:           Criminal History Check
Stage 6:           Medical Clearance and Mental Health and Wellbeing Assessment*
Stage 7:           Visa
Stage 8:           Pre-departure Training

• Necessary technical qualifications and skills to fulfil the objectives of the assignment
• Cultural awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others
• An understanding of the challenges of working in a diverse cross-cultural environment
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Confidence in problem solving ability
• Adaptability and flexibility to deal with challenging situations that arise
• A strong commitment to and understanding of capacity building and sustainable development
• A willingness to exchange knowledge and develop/conduct activities to build capacity of individuals and organisations

Applicants must be Australian Citizens and between 18-30.

Available Allowances
1. Establishment Allowance: $600-$1200.

2. Living and Accomodation Allowance: vary between $1200 and $2850 per month.

3. Assignment Support Allowance: $350

4. Resettlement Allowance: $600 at the end of your assignment

Find out more about the Application Process.

Sydney Uni SIFE Team becoming an APO
If you are interested, talk to the Executive about developing an assignment and getting the Sydney Uni Team involved as an APO.
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[Volunteer] Be part of Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development [AYAD]
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