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 Why get involved in SIFE?

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Ashley Khor

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Why get involved in SIFE? Empty
PostSubject: Why get involved in SIFE?   Why get involved in SIFE? EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 12:51 pm

Every day, out of their own initiative, SIFE students make a difference in their community by helping people develop a better understanding of how our free enterprise system works and how to use this information to empower themselves and achieve new successes. The efforts of individual SIFE teams touch the lives of thousands of people each year, but the collective efforts of the more than 2,000 SIFE Teams are changing world.

As a SIFE student, you'll be a participant in one of the largest and most impactful worldwide student organizations. You'll have an active hand in writing the history of your generation and know that at least at one time in your life you helped to change the world.

Take Your Education Outside the Classroom
As a member of a SIFE team, you'll face challenges and learn from experiences that you simply can't find in a classroom. Actually, you will make the transition from being a student to becoming a teacher yourself. And through the process of organizing a team, developing and implementing free enterprise educational projects, finding funding for your efforts, using the mass media and presenting your teams accomplishments at a SIFE Regional Competition, you'll develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills far beyond those of most college students. You'll be preparing for the real world by facing real world challenges.

Jump Start Your Career
When it comes to planning for a career after college, SIFE students have two things in common – their experiences as a SIFE student have better prepared and qualified them, and their participation at SIFE events provides them with unparalleled access to the country's most successful executives and entrepreneurs.

Every year hundreds of SIFE students start their careers with SIFE donor companies. You'll have this same opportunity by utilizing the many career services that will be provided to you as SIFE student.

Compete for the Title of World Champion
There aren't many times in life when you have the opportunity to be declared the very best at something. Participating in a SIFE team will provide you with just that opportunity, to throw your hat in the ring and compete against SIFE teams from other colleges and universities around the country.

You'll compete against schools much larger, and perhaps more well known than yours and also schools much smaller than yours – but in SIFE it's an equal playing field. Your team's competitive success won't be pre-determined by your school's name or enrollment but rather by the level of your team's energy, creativity and commitment to making a difference.

And if your team is good enough to be named the SIFE Australia National Champion, then you'll have the once in a lifetime chance to represent your country at the SIFE World Cup to compete for the title of “World Champion”.

Benefits Students benefit by practising the skills needed to achieve their ambitions, by making connections with leaders who can help open the doors of opportunity, by knowing that they have helped improve the life chances of others and by deepening their understanding of the personal responsibility that underpins a market economy.

SIFE's Benefits For Students
Fun – meet new people, develop new skills in a safe, friendly and supportive environment and travel to new places, both physically and spiritually.
Personal and professional growth – implement concepts learned in your classroom studies in a practical way, thus increasing your value to a future employer.
Networking – get to know other students, academics and business people not only in your own community, but also across Australia and from other countries.
Shine – demonstrate what you are capable of as an individual and how it can contribute to achieving a group’s goals.
Leadership – take charge with the support and consent of peers by exercising communication and negotiation skills in a team environment.
Satisfaction – feel that you have made a positive difference in your community by helping others to be or become more empowered citizens
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Why get involved in SIFE?
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