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 Protocol for Participating in SIFE Competitions

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Ashley Khor

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PostSubject: Protocol for Participating in SIFE Competitions   Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:19 pm

Official SIFE events, including all regional/national competitions and the SIFE World Cup, are not open to the public. An invitation
is required, even for members of the SIFE network, to attend any official event. Invitations may only be extended by staff members of the SIFE World Headquarters or an individual national SIFE organization. Any guest registered by a SIFE team is subject to approval by the SIFE country organization or SIFE World Headquarters.

SIFE teams that wish to organize events in the same metropolitan statistical area (MSA) at any time during or three days prior to and after an official event organized by the SIFE World Headquarters or any national SIFE organization must adhere to the following guidelines:

• The SIFE team may not offer invitations for its meeting to any official SIFE event attendee or group of attendees, other than their own team members, during a time that the attendee(s) has been invited to or is scheduled to participate in any part of the official SIFE event.

• Members or constituents of the SIFE team may not solicit financial support from any individual that is an official guest of the SIFE World Headquarters or any national SIFE organization.

• The SIFE team will notify the SIFE World Headquarters or national SIFE organization in advance of their meeting plans and invitation list.

• The SIFE team will not promote or respond to inquiries from any member of the media in the MSA (see above).

• The SIFE team will not report any details of its meeting, activity, project, etc., during any official SIFE competitive event.
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Protocol for Participating in SIFE Competitions
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