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 SIFE Protocol re Working with Members of the Media

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Ashley Khor

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SIFE Protocol re Working with Members of the Media Empty
PostSubject: SIFE Protocol re Working with Members of the Media   SIFE Protocol re Working with Members of the Media EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 1:28 pm

SIFE teams are strongly encouraged to seek coverage of their educational outreach projects and team activities by local, regional and national media outlets. They are further encouraged to refer to and to use the media tools and templates available in team training materials, to include their institution’s administration in their efforts, and whenever needed, to seek the advice and support of the SIFE staff.

The SIFE World Headquarters and each national SIFE organization are also aggressively pursuing media opportunities. As SIFE World Headquarters and national SIFE organizations build relationships with the media to advance the mission of all SIFE teams around the world, it is important that a consistent message is being relayed. To avoid conflict, dilution or over-saturation of that message, there will be occasions when SIFE World Headquarters or the staff of a specific national SIFE organization will need to limit and/or control communication to a particular media outlet.

In accordance with the SIFE trademark guidelines, please be sure to attach your team’s name to any occurrence of the word “SIFE” in all press releases and other documentation when referring to initiatives that are specific to your team and not to the overall SIFE organization.
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SIFE Protocol re Working with Members of the Media
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