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 The 7 Essential SIFE Criteria

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Ashley Khor

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The 7 Essential SIFE Criteria Empty
PostSubject: The 7 Essential SIFE Criteria   The 7 Essential SIFE Criteria EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 1:47 pm

How effectively did the SIFE team measure and demonstrate that it created economic opportunity by helping others:

1. MARKET ECONOMICS: Understand how a market based economic system operates?

2. PERSONAL SUCCESS SKILLS: Acquire the education and skills training needed to succeed in a dynamic, competitive global economy?

3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur and/or improve an existing business?

4. FINANCIAL LITERACY: Develop the personal financial management skills necessary to achieve financial independence?

5. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Make environmentally sustainable personal and business decisions?

6. BUSINESS ETHICS: Understand that the long-term success and prosperity of a market economy, businesses and individuals are dependent on ethical business practices?

7. LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY OF PROJECTS: How successfully did the team develop and execute a strategy to ensure the long-term sustainability of their team and educational programs?

Each criteria is equally weighted and worth 20 points, for a total of 140 points.

Level of Impact

Judges use the Level of Impact descriptions (listed below) as a tool in making better evaluations of the teams’ programs through the ITE Sheet. Please note that the Level of Impact scale is not mandated by SIFE nor is it part of the criteria. It is simply a resource and guide.

* Poor (equivalent to low impact): Project(s) activities satisfactorily completed, but had little effect on changing or improving lives
* Average (equivalent to medium impact): Project(s) gave criterion/issue public attention, gained support and participation of key stakeholders; endorsements/testimonials set forth
* Good (equivalent to high impact): Project(s) advocated the passage of significant, sustainable change in target audience, attention/support around project clearly advanced, key stakeholders strongly influenced
* Outstanding (equivalent to exceptional impact): Project(s) clearly provided evidence of systematic/habitual, long-term change that has significantly improved lives of target audience members, has proven sustainable for multiple years, and has further solidified commitments from key stakeholders

Addressing Criteria
* Addressed a definable need
* Transferred valuable knowledge
* Created meaningful economic opportunities for others
* Achieved measurable impact
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The 7 Essential SIFE Criteria
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