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 Objectives: Achieving Media Impact

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Ashley Khor

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Objectives: Achieving Media Impact Empty
PostSubject: Objectives: Achieving Media Impact   Objectives: Achieving Media Impact EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 1:52 pm

Media Language

The following language should be used by SIFE teams to measure media impact:

For broadcast media, “reach” is the estimated number of unduplicated or different households or persons who viewed a specific station at least once for five minutes during the average week for the reported period of time. For print media, this is number of people who read the publication.


The average number of times the unduplicated viewers (or readers) will be exposed to the schedule of spots.

Gross Impressions

The average number of persons who viewed (read) at the time the spot is run, multiplied by the number of times the spot or program run.

(Reach x Frequency = Gross Impressions)
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Objectives: Achieving Media Impact
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