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 Measures of Success

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Measures of Success Empty
PostSubject: Measures of Success   Measures of Success EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 2:05 pm

Number of Projects
This number is the total projects your SIFE team completed in the 2009-2010 SIFE program year. Please note that if your team has developed one project that meets multiple criterion, regardless of how many times it is noted in your annual report or presented at a SIFE competition, it only counts as one project. For purposes of this data sheet, a project can be considered as a single measurable educational/empowerment initiative targeted at a specific audience even if that initiative forms part of a bigger program.

Hours of Team Involvement
This number is the total hours your team spent impacting others through your educational outreach projects. This number includes time spent directly and indirectly including but not limited to meetings, planning, project-related travel, media activities, report writing and SIFE events. Do not include time spent by non-SIFE team members.

Number of People Directly Impacted
This is the total number of individuals that were direct beneficiaries of your team’s community outreach projects. This number should only include those outreach projects that fit judging criteria one through six and does not include estimates of people impacted indirectly as a result of the wider ripple effect of your activities.

If your team has partnered with any of the organizations listed or has collaborated with organizations that focus on Microfinance, please place an “X” in the appropriate field. You may mark more than one, if applicable. SIFE would like to track its worldwide involvement with these specific entities and initiatives.

Working Outside Your Home Country
Please list any and all countries, other than yours, where your team has conducted educational outreach projects. Also, please note that all projects abroad must be reported to your SIFE organization before final execution.

Revenue Sources
Place an “X” next to the appropriate revenue source(s) of your team. Please also note the amount of funds received (convert into
US Dollars
) in the fields next to each source.

Media Impact

Reach: For broadcast media, “reach” is the estimated number of unduplicated or different households or persons who viewed a specific station at least once for five minutes during the average week for the reported period of time. For print media, this is number of people who read the publication.

Frequency: The average number of times the unduplicated viewers (or readers) will be exposed to the schedule of spots.

Gross Impressions: The average number of persons who viewed (read) at the time the spot is run, multiplied by the number of times the spot or program run.

(Reach x Frequency = Gross Impressions)
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Measures of Success
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