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 Competition Presentation Template

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Competition Presentation Template Empty
PostSubject: Competition Presentation Template   Competition Presentation Template EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 3:50 am

Please use this template as a guide for creating your annual report and presentation, but make them specific and unique to your team. Remember, the following template is simply a suggestion.

I. Institution and Community Demographics
A. Describe the demographics of your community and any unique facts. You want the judges to understand where you are from and the setting of your community.
B. Describe your college or university and mention any unique facts. You want the judges to understand your environment and situation.

II. Team History
Briefly describe the history and/or inception of your team. A timeline is a helpful tool in this step.

III. SIFE Team Mission and Goals
A. State your SIFE team’s mission and reason for existence.
B. Describe the goals you set for your SIFE team to accomplish this year.

IV. Description of Projects
For each of your team’s projects, describe the following details:
A. Educational Topic Addressed - Explain which of the six SIFE educational topics the project directly addresses (market economics, success skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, environmental sustainability, or business ethics).
B. Project Need - State why the participant needs this knowledge to be successful. Good SIFE projects address a definable need. Describe the need fulfilled by the project.
C. Project Description - Simply describe your target audience, the educational topic addressed and the method used to educate.
D. Measurement of Results - Answer the question, “Was this project successful?” and prove it.

There are four measurement tools to use:
1. Outputs - This type of measurement might include the number of classes taught, counseling sessions conducted, educational materials distributed and participants served.
2. Outcomes - This type of measurement might include the number of participants that received jobs or number of participants that created a household budget.
3. Qualitative - This type of measurement might include items such as interviews or testimonials from team members, Business Advisory Board Members or other community partners involved with a project.
4. Quantitative - This type of measurement might include such items as pre- and post-exams or a measurement of the project participants’ success at meeting a specific objective.
E. Future Plans for Current Projects - Discuss your plans to sustain and improve your current projects.

V. Program Sustainability
A. Recruiting and Team Organization
1. Describe how your team is organized.
2. Describe the recruiting plan your team uses.
3. Describe any unique programs you use to recruit and maintain students.

B. Team Succession Plan
1. Describe the succession plan your team has created to ensure your team’s success during years of transition.
2. Describe how your team uses a transition notebook to help train new team leaders.

C. Institutional/Administrative Support
1. Describe the level of support you receive from your institution and administration.
2. Describe the ways in which you involve your institution and administration in your projects and yearly activities.
3. Describe any outstanding opportunities you have received as a result of the administrative and institutional support you receive.

D. Business Advisory Board (BAB)
1. Describe your BAB in terms of size and expertise.
2. Describe the role of your BAB and explain how BAB members have contributed to your projects.
3. Describe your plans to increase the involvement of the BAB with your team.

E. Funding
1. Describe your team’s funding efforts.
2. Describe the plan you have to build a budget that will support your team’s activities for several years.
3. Develop an income statement for your team and be prepared to share details with the judges.

F. Alumni
1. Describe how you involve SIFE Alumni in your projects.
2. Describe how you work with the SIFE Alumni from your team and how you involve them.

G. Media
1. Describe how you involve the media to help publicize your SIFE team’s projects and activities.
2. Describe any outstanding opportunities your team has received as a result of the media attention.

VI. Closing
A. Goals for Next Year - Describe your team’s major goals to accomplish next year. Include your plans to expand current projects or add new projects. This is the time to show the sustainability of your SIFE program.

B. Final Remarks - Describe your team’s long term goals for creating economic opportunity for others. The judges will see several annual reports and presentations during a SIFE competition - make sure they remember yours.

Words of Advice:

• Keep the annual report and presentation simple and concise. Four pages and 24 minutes do not provide adequate space and time to explain every detail of your educational program.
Provide a broad overview of your accomplishments and highlight the projects you feel had the most relevant impact.
• The annual report and presentation should be visual. Use of pictures, graphs and charts is recommended.
• Be creative in your approach.
• The annual report and presentation are, in essence, your team’s attempt to sell the judges the idea that your team did the best job of creating economic impact through educating others
about the six SIFE educational topics. If great products sold themselves, we would not have salespeople. Sell your team!
• There are a variety of tools available to you on the SIFE website. These include past annual reports, the SIFE Judge Orientation Video, press release templates, past Individual Topic and Special Competition reports and more. Be sure to take advantage of these resources!

Presentation Room Equipment Provided:

• One eight foot or larger screen
• One extension cord
• SIFE does not provide other equipment of any kind, such as computers, slide projectors, monitors, TVs, VCRs, carts, tables, etc. It is the sole responsibility of each team to secure the use of any other equipment
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Competition Presentation Template
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