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 Attracting Institution/Administration Support

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Ashley Khor

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PostSubject: Attracting Institution/Administration Support   Attracting Institution/Administration Support EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 4:34 am

Having the support of your institution and administration is crucial to the success of your SIFE team. Administrators control university resources and determine how they are specifically allocated. Obtaining institutional and administration support can increase your team’s likelihood of receiving resources. Remember that funding is not the only support your institution and administration can provide. There are many opportunities for your institution and administration to support your SIFE team by allocating resources such as:
• Personal time
• Printing and material resources
• Access to university and community networks
• Funding for projects, travel and/or team activities
• Office space for the SIFE team
• Course releases for faculty to serve as advisors
• Course credit for SIFE

Keep in mind that resources are limited on every university campus. Never assume the above resources are available for your SIFE team. The only way to truly know is to ask.

Obtaining Support
Institutional support is most easily obtained by building personal relationships with administrators. It is important to identify the influential individuals on your campus who have the ability to allocate resources to your team. Start with your department chair, business school dean and university president. Developing a pitch specifically for administrators is vital to gaining their
support. First, find out what your SIFE team can do for the institution and administration. Pitch your SIFE team as a solution to a problem they are facing and clearly state what is in it for them. Identify current or future SIFE activities that parallel the administration’s objectives. Be proactive in developing a relationship by getting them actively engaged.

For example, ask your administrators to:
• Serve on your Business Advisory Board.
• Attend SIFE team meetings.
• Participate in SIFE projects.
• Critique your team’s presentation prior to completion.
• Attend official SIFE events, such as team training conferences and competitions.

Administrators who are actively engaged with your SIFE team are much more likely to see the benefits your team brings to the institution.

REMINDER: It is now a requirement that all competing teams have their annual reports reviewed by an institutional administrator and obtain his/her signature on the Project Verification Form as acknowledgement and endorsement of the campus SIFE program.

Engaging Other Faculty Members
Having the support of the faculty on campus is just as important as having administrative support. Engaging other faculty members in your team activities can lead to creating a more diverse member base and increase the sustainability of your program. Consider asking faculty members the following as ways for them to become engaged with your SIFE team:
• Help you recruit new members by pitching SIFE to their classes
• Serve as a member of your Business Advisory Board
• Give advice on projects that align with their field of expertise
• Critique your presentation prior to competition

Key Ideas:
• Determine how your SIFE team can benefit your institution and administration
• Create a pitch that clearly explains what’s in it for them
• Keep administrators informed about what’s important to them
• Engage administrators in team meetings, projects and SIFE events
• Remember an administrator must sign your team’s Project Verification Form
• Utilize the Institutional Support Best Practices Guide
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Attracting Institution/Administration Support
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